Monday, December 5, 2011

DIY - Custom T-shirt Scarf w/ Beads and Shells

#1 - Get an old t-shirt (preferably one in a color you like), some old or broken costume jewelry and a ribbon. I used an old beaded necklace with a shell pendant to make my t-shirt scarf more natural and tribal styled. No need to iron the shirt, it's not that serious. LOL

#2 - Cut the sleeves off the shirt without disturbing the bottom half. Just cut straight across the chest. I chose to keep the designs in the middle to add to the style of the scarf.

#3 - Also cut along the bottom where the seams close up on the ends.

#4 - From one side of the t-shirt begin cutting towards the other end, without going all the way. Cut thin strips (but not too thin or the t-shirt will rip after the next step) Cut straight lines if possible so that each strip is even in width. Do not cut all the way there should be less than an inch left on the other end.

#5 - The t-shirt should look like this once all the shirt has been cut into thin strips. Notice at the top there is still a small area where the t-shirt was not cut all the way. This will be your base.

 #6 - Pull each strip gently but far to stretch out the material. Once the material has been stretched, it will give a rolling effect turning each strip into a thin rope like string. Do this to each strip, being careful not to rip and strings. Gather the loops together at the base ( the portion of the t-shirt you did not cut) and it should look like this.

#7 - Add your ribbon to the base to cover up the material. You can add beaded necklaces and shells to it as well, like I did. This can be worn as a necklace with a plain t-shirt or used as a stylish and unique scarf. You can double it around your neck for a bib necklace look or let it hang low, like a chain necklace. I got many compliments about this piece, and I love it. You can use any style t-shirt. Of course the bigger the shirt, the bigger your t-shirt scarf will be. Just go nuts. Next time I will use a sweater to see if I get the same effect.

Thanks and later dolls.... "F" your Style!


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